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Terms of Sales distributes rental or sale offers on a dedicated medium and helps with the drafting of announcements without ever intervening in the management of the relationship with the prospective tenant or buyer. The site also provides real estate information tools and content.


By publishing your advertisement on, you fully and unreservedly accept the following conditions of which you have previously become aware.


Our ads are reserved for individuals or real estate professionals who plan to sell or rent a property constituting their property. By accepting these general conditions of sale and by publishing an advertisement in our columns, you undertake on your honor not to sublet accommodation in the social housing stock. As such, we recall that under article L442-8 of the construction and housing code, it is formally prohibited to sublet all or part of a housing stock in the social housing stock.

If it appears that these conditions are not met, we reserve the right to delete your advertisement from our supports, and to keep, as provision on indemnities, the price paid under the package, without prohibiting us from starting all other legal actions.

Please note, as an advertiser, you are bound by the first purchase offer at the price of the advertisement. By refusing this first offer at the price, you expose yourself to prosecution of the ousted prospective purchaser, in accordance with article 1,583 of the Civil Code.

The announcement

You agree to make available to all documents and information deemed necessary to publish the advertisement.

Consequently, you warrant that the information provided is accurate and is not vitiated by any error or omission of a misleading or dishonest character. Our responsibility, as a Publisher, cannot be engaged, in any capacity whatsoever, if the information given in the advertisement or if the quality of the advertiser proves to be inaccurate.

You are solely responsible for the documents and information communicated to

We only broadcast one property per ad. The text, telephone number and price appearing in the advertisements can be modified free of charge during publication. However, the property described must remain that of origin without the possibility of replacing it with another property.


Your ad will be broadcast on our site according to the rates and duration you have chosen, the price of these packages being indicated on all our offers and supports.

Classic formulas
Our prices are fixed and are intended for consecutive publications. As soon as an advertisement is published, its payment remains with us, even if it is stopped before the end of its publication.

Non-binding formulas offers a non-binding sales package. By subscribing to this package, the advertiser accepts the principle of the monthly debit which he can interrupt at any time and at the same time as the publication, with a single click from his advertiser space or by simple telephone call to the customer relations center. . Any month started is due.


We inform you that we are unable to publish:

If you attach photos to your advertisement, you are the sole guarantor. Please note that cannot in any way guarantee the authenticity of the photos that the advertiser has communicated.

Receiving contacts offers you to receive the contacts generated by your advertisement. It does not offer you an analysis of the profiles of buyers. The advertiser retains all freedom to contact or not the candidates whose contact details have been sent to him because does not intervene in the relations between the advertiser and the candidates.

Right to refuse reserves the right to refuse any advertisement whose character could be contrary to the spirit and the vocation of the site.

Only the addresses of personal websites may be published in the advertisement after verification by our services.

Lessor subscription

By subscribing to the lessor subscription you benefit from a generator of contracts. It is a tool to help you write a contract that takes into account the characteristics of your rental. The contract is generated on the basis of the information which you will have provided and of which you are the only guarantor of the authenticity.

Online evaluation

By requesting an online valuation of your property, you accept the following conditions:

The object of the service

By requesting an online evaluation, you acknowledge that you have been informed that this is an estimate, based on the elements that you have provided yourself (address, area, location, description, plans, photos, documents of town planning, etc.), which in no case can replace an expertise with the visit of an expert to the site. This estimate cannot be used as the basis for any claim for compensation, in particular for error, or for a disagreement relating to the price set out in the valuation notice. This estimate and the document which attests to it can be provided to the authorities (tax authorities in particular), as proof. The administration generally accepts to take into account the evaluation decided by our services, but is not legally required to do so. Never,

The information provided cannot guarantee either the authenticity or the veracity of the content communicated by the customer, nor any consequence resulting therefrom with regard to the candidates for acquisition or rental.

The evaluation, subject of the order, is based on the indications, photographs, plans and other information or annexes provided by the customer. Any false declaration, omission, or false information cannot engage the responsibility of


The delivery times indicated are indicative and are counted from the complete receipt of the file, without taking into account weekends and holidays.

Contact reserves the right to contact the customer to obtain additional information it deems necessary, or simply useful for the accomplishment of its mission.

Guarantee guarantees the client that the processing of his file is carried out by a specialized person and that the evaluation provided is, in no case, the result of an automatic process.

Personal data

The personal information provided for the processing of the online evaluation file is subject to the protection measures described on the ” Privacy policy ” page of this site.

Price, reimbursement

The service is provided at the single price indicated in the special conditions. The price of an online evaluation is firm and final. In the event of cancellation, the customer accepts that the amount paid by him when ordering is definitively acquired by The order will only give rise to reimbursement if the cancellation is due to a legitimate and serious reason, such as the death of the customer, the total or partial loss of the goods, a serious illness, etc.

Finally, an invoice must be issued to the customer.

Payment of benefits

The service will only be honored by if the payment is made in advance, and at the latest at the time of the order.


In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Marseille (13) will be competent.

“Professional photographer” services

When requesting an order for photographic or graphic services (2D plan), be aware that this service is provided by a professional photographer outside

By using the photographer, you accept the following conditions:

The subject of the services

The “professional photos” service allows HD photos of your property to be produced by professional photographers, for sale or rental.

The “photos + plans” service enables 2D plans of your property to be produced in addition to “professional photos” services, to promote the aesthetic visualization of your property.

WARNING ! these plans, as well as the measures on the basis of which they are drawn up, have no legal value. They are strictly indicative and illustrative. For example, they cannot be used as a support for carrying out work, to determine the square footage, or to replace an official plan (eg cadastral plan, plan annexed to the co-ownership regulations). In the same way, structural elements (such as the location of load-bearing walls) are given for information only, only structural engineers are authorized to provide such information.

Deadlines and right of withdrawal

The customer acknowledges expressly waiving their right of withdrawal for any service to be performed within less than 14 calendar days from the confirmation of their order.

After confirming his order, the customer will be put in contact with a service provider to fix the date and time of taking pictures and, if necessary, of measurements.

The “professional photos” or “photos + plans” services will be delivered within 5 working days after the service provider’s intervention.

Obligations of the client for the intervention of the provider

The presence of the client when taking pictures or measurements is mandatory.

The customer undertakes to welcome the service provider in a clean and tidy apartment allowing the taking of photographs or immediate measures. In the event that the condition of the apartment does not allow the provision of services, the customer cannot be reimbursed.

Intellectual property rights, limits on the right of use

The client may only use the photos or plans produced for the sale or rental of his property and for his personal and private use. Any other use would be contrary to intellectual property law and neighboring rights and liable to legal proceedings by the holders of these rights.

Personal data

The personal information provided for the processing of the online “professional photos and plan” service is subject to the protective measures described on the “ Privacy policy ” page of this site.

Price, reimbursement

In the event of cancellation, the customer accepts that the amount paid by the customer when ordering is definitively acquired. The order for the “professional photographer” service will only give rise to reimbursement if the cancellation is due to a legitimate and serious reason, such as the death of the client, the total or partial loss of the property, a serious illness, etc.

Payment of benefits

The service is provided at the price indicated online. The service will only be honored if payment is made in advance, at the time of order confirmation.


In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Marseille (13) will be competent.

Guide and contracts

The contracts offers rental contracts (empty, furnished, student, parking, second home or official accommodation, etc.), as well as rental forms (inventory, deposit, furniture inventories, etc. .), all up to date with the latest legislative provisions.

These contracts and forms are available for download or in paper format.

The contracts can be downloaded in word, pdf and RTF format. The responsibility of cannot be engaged for the modifications that the customer will have made on the forms made available to him for download.

The guides offers guides only available to order in paper format.

Guides and contracts in paper format will be sent to you by post, within 4 working days. You have a withdrawal period of 14 days from receipt of the documents. All you have to do is return your order, at your expense, to: Tunissimmo – Documentation Service – 9 rue Blanche – 13008 MARSEILLE.

For contracts ordered for download, the user waives the right of withdrawal as soon as he requests the immediate execution of the contract before its expiration.