Buying a house in Tunisia is attracting more and more investors, retirees and people planning their future retirement. We understand them easily, Tunisia is a pretty country, the inhabitants are very welcoming, and the real estate market is particularly attractive for foreigners.

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The real estate market in Tunisia

You should be aware that the national Tunisian real estate market is not in its best period at the moment. Today it is indeed difficult for a middle-class Tunisian to buy housing, land prices are increasing, as well as the cost of specialized labor and materials. The 2018 Finance Law did not fix things, the new VAT on the sale of housing for residential use rose to 13% for real estate developers and on January 1, 2020, it will be raised to 19%.

Tunisians are those (and those) who suffer, because the wages are no longer adapted, and even if the AFH (Housing Land Agency) has had 7,000 hectares developed in 30 years of existence, there are in at this time more than 320,000 requests for land.

Depending on their country of origin and therefore their purchasing power, a foreign investor can however buy an apartment or a house in Tunisia for a considerably lower price than on their native land!

Buy a house or an apartment in Tunisia

The first thing you should know (and never forget) is that a foreigner can only buy real estate in Tunisia if it is in a residential or tourist area. The agricultural areas are reserved for Tunisians. Before even visiting a property, this point needs to be fully clarified. Please note, cases of scams have been reported in different embassies, it is strongly recommended to use the services of a lawyer, especially if you do not read Arabic and do not know the country well.

Once the nature of the land has been determined, it is essential to check the land situation of the property and to ensure that it is registered with the Conservation of the competent land property. It is for example possible for a foreigner to buy a property in a medina, but it will generally not be registered. In all cases, the procedures are long and tedious and you will have many points to control […]

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