If you are looking forward to move to Tunisia, you will probably choose to settle in Tunis. Find out, in this article, how to find accommodation in the Tunisian capital city.

Stretching over 212,63 km², Tunis is the biggest and most densely populated Tunisian city with around 1,056,247 inhabitants. It is thus deemed to be the national capital city along with being the economic and trade center. Tunis has managed to acquire a developed road and highway network, as well as a strategic airport linked to all national modes of transport.

Thanks to its great dynamism, Tunis has been attracting many Tunisians coming from the rest of the country, as well as expatriates from all around the world. Indeed, Tunis provides various opportunities as well as a range of accommodation in an lively urban setting.


Most expatriates who have settled in Tunis have chosen the Northwest residential neighborhoods, especially Carthage, La Marsa, Sidi Bou Saïd and Mutuelleville. These are especially popular with expat families due to the presence of international schools.

You might as well like Belvédère, Notre-Dame, El Menzah and Gammarth in the Northern outskirts.

Rent prices

As regards rent prices, these generally from one neighborhood to another. Thus, you will pay the following prices in the city’s outskirts:

  • 250 dinars for a studio
  • 575 dinars for a three-bedroom apartment
  • 800 dinars for a five-bedroom apartment.

In the city’s most popular residential neighborhoods, you will need:

  • 500 dinars for a studio
  • 900 dinars for a three-bedroom apartment
  • 1,300 dinars for a five-bedroom apartment
  • between 2,500 and 4,000 dinars for a villa.

Note that currently 1 euro amounts to 2.41874 dinars while 1 US dollar amounts to 2.13030 dinars.

Find accommodation

Although it might not be an easy task, there are various ways to look for accommodation in Tunis. You may start by browsing offers on the Internet, checking out classified ads in local newspapers or even seek the help of a real estate agency like us. Why not spread the word among your friends, relatives or contacts who are on the spot or directly get in touch with owners?

 Good to know:

You are advised to start your housing search beyond summer.

You will also find intermediates who are mandated by owners according to a commission.

In all cases, you will have to be rather patient as your search may last for one or two months. But if you are already on the spot, you may be luckier.

Moreover, you are likely to find both unfurnished and furnished and equipped housing units.

For more information on the lease contract, please refer to the article ‘Accommodation in Tunisia‘. In fact, lease contracts are valid for a year and renewable. Moreover, tenants are required to pay a deposit which is equal to two months rent.

Finally, as Tunisia is a rather warm country with a sunny climate and mild temperatures, you might need a heating system in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Using Tunissimmo for all your administrative procedures in the rent of real estate in Tunisia is your guarantee of success and serenity … And everything becomes simplissimo!