Sousse, a Tunisian port city, is nicknamed “Capital” or “Pearl” of the Sahel. It is the capital of the governorate of Sousse. This article gives you some leads for your search for accommodation.

Presentation of Sousse, the Pearl of the Sahel

If you are planning to relocate in Soussefinding accommodation will be one of your priorities. This can be quite time consuming but not so hard if you know where to start from. Located on the coast, Sousse is above all popular for its beautiful beaches, beach resorts, as well as its dynamic environment. Indeed, Sousse is the third major Tunisian city after Tunis, the capital city, and Sfax.

While the Medina offers a tourist landscape, the rest of Sousse is rather developed and modern. Moreover, most of the country’s olive plants are found in Sousse.


By moving to Sousse, whether with your family or alone for work, you will benefit from its school, university and professional networks.

The city also holds a modern infrastructure along with a developed transport network which will allow you to travel anywhere, whether by land, air or sea.

Most expatriates have chosen to settle in the city’s periphery due to the availability of housing units at affordable prices. But if you would prefer to live in the city center, Khézama, which is found between Central Sousse and Kantaoui, is deemed to be the most Westernized neighborhood. You are likely to come across many foreign nationals there. However, rent prices tend to be higher than elsewhere.

Rent prices

Rent prices for studios in Sousse start as from 250 dinars per month. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need between 400 and 700 dinars per month. Note that sea facing housing units are more expensive. You will thus need around 1,500 dinars per month, or even more.

Given that Sousse is mainly a tourist resort, some prices are meant for short term rentals. Therefore, make sure to specify to the owner that you are seeking a long term rental.

Find accommodation

Like in the rest of the country, you might have to seek the help of a real estate agency like us to find accommodation as per your criteria more rapidly, unless you are well acquainted with the city and you have a good command of Arabic, or you have trustworthy contacts on the spot.

Seeking the assistance of a real estate professional like us will be useful especially when tackling administrative procedures (lease contract, inventory, etc.). This will also help you benefit from more affordable rent prices.

Using Tunissimmo for all your administrative procedures in the rent of real estate in Tunisia is your guarantee of success and serenity … And everything becomes simplissimo!